LIN One is an HTML5-based framework for rapid development and deployment of responsive rich media ad units.
It delivers rich experiences to ad slots of all sizes across Mobile, Tablet and Desktop devices.

I was responsible for developing the core framework that powers the product.
LIN One combines a wide range of API's and existing libraries with a lightweight collection of custom components to provide an abstract and powerful scripting layer.

Responsive Design

LIN One is very much a mobile-first product. To gracefully flow between the various standard ad unit sizes, as well as full screen display on phones, tablets and desktops has been on the docket since day one. This is becoming more and more important in the increasingly fragmented environment that web-based content is expected to perform, and ad units are no exception.


Working with the major ad serving platforms is hugely important for success, especially when it comes to mobile. LIN One was built to comply with Google and MRAID standards for maximum compatability with apps and websites. We built in intelligence to recognize available API's of any device class to provide the best experience possible regardless of the user's device capabilities.


Because the product primarily targets mobile devices, performance is a hugely important issue. Utilizing built-ins and highly optimized custom functionality vs bulkier libraries like jQuery was essential. Minimizing the size of the payload without compromising functionality or ease of use has been challenging thus far. Using lightweight, compiled libraries with custom code and minification/compression techniques has worked well. This has proven to be just as important with assets as it is with code.

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September, 2013
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