Anderson's Coffee

Anderson's Coffee is a local shop in Austin that specializes in roasting and selling coffee of all kinds.
They hired Clear Character to develop a new eCommerce solution for their online business, as well as to reinvent their online image.

Design and Animation

Design was a major component of the project. The goal was for users to feel like they were visiting Anderson's shop. We achieved this by using high-res photos from the shop, wood and burlap textures, and animation. The result is a highly interactive site that's easy to navigate and fun to explore.

Shopping Cart

Obviously the shopping cart functionality was a hugely important aspect of the project. We utilized Cartweaver to handle most of the backend work, and focused on integrating it with the UI. Out of the box, Cartweaver covered most of the functionality. We did custom work to incorporate the coffee grind type option, UPS shipping

Express Ordering

The Anderson's team wanted the ordering process to be as easy as possible for regular customers. We developed a chalkboard interface to easily browse and select any of their products, and jump straight to checkout at any time.

Project Type: 
Project Date: 
August, 2011 to September, 2011